WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: File Footage of Taliban Executing a Woman

Taliban Skinned Alive Young Man, Cut Out His Eyes Then Throw Him off Cliff

Mon Jun 13, 2016 11:25:06

In a ISIS (Islamic State, ISIL, IS and Daesh) manner savage execution, The Taliban cut out a man's eyes, skinned him alive and then threw him from a 10-storey.The incident happened in Ghor, Afghanistan, to 21-year-old labourer Fazl Ahmad.

Militants reportedly accused one of Ahmad's distant relatives of killing an ex-Taliban commander in December last year.They allegedly punished Ahmad instead and took him out of his home and cut his eyes out.

Member of parliament in the area Ruqiya Naeel said Ahmad was still screaming as he was 'skinned alive'.He told the Washington Post that his attackers carved skin off his chest and left his heart exposed.

The barbarity of the killing is similar to those which ISIS have carried out in Syria and Iraq, however the Taliban have denied any involvement.


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