ISIL Executes 8 Former Security Officers on Disloyalty Charges

ISIL Executes 8 Former Security Officers on Disloyalty Charges
Mon Jun 6, 2016 18:32:22

8 Ex-Iraqi security officers, who had joined the terror group, have been executed by ISIL accusing them of cooperating with Baghdad government after several ISIS senior commanders were killed in the Iraqi airstrikes.

"The ISIL has executed eight former security officers after several of its senior commanders were killed in the Iraqi airstrikes," the Arabic-language media reports said. 

The ISIL said its executed members worked for Iraq's security body.

The Iraqi forces have made considerable advances in several parts of the strategic city of Fallujah in Anbar province in recent days.

The United Nations refugee agency says ISIL militants are holding several hundred families as human shields in Fallujah while government forces keep slicing through ISIL positions in the key city of Iraq.

Meanwhile, the ISIL drowned over a dozen Iraqi children and their families who were trying to escape from the Takfiri terrorist group, media reports said on Monday.

At least 13 Iraqi civilians most of them children and women were drowned by the ISIL in the Euphrates River as they intended to escape.

The Iraqi families wanted to reach the temporary camps which have been set up on Fallujah's Ameriya region in Anbar province; FNA reported.


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