Top SDF Commander Killed in Fierce Battle against ISIS to Capture Raqqa

Top SDF Commander Killed in Fierce Battle against ISIS to Capture Raqqa
Mon Jun 6, 2016 17:06:37

In a tough battle to regain the ISIS-held city of Raqqa from the terrorists, a top commander of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) has been killed in the outskirts of Manbij, media reports said.

Abu Layla, who commanded an SDF brigade, was hit by an ISIL sniper near Manbij town, the Arabic-language media outlests reported.

Abu Layla was fighting against the ISIS terrorist group in Kobani in early 2015.

The SDF forces are advancing towards the center of ISIS command center in Syria or Raqqa city.

Earlier on Monday, the Syrian Democratic Forces seized back six more villages in the outskirts of Manbij town.

The SDF forces are now in control of the villages of al-Rifia, Azam, Kharba Hasan, Molla Sa'ad, Safiya and Qora'a in the outskirts of Manbij town.

At least 50 ISIL terrorists were killed and 100 more were injured in heavy clashes with the Kurdish fighters.

On Sunday, the SDF continued to storm the ISIS positions near the strategic town of Manbij and deployed forces only five kilometers away from the town's gates, a human rights watch report said Sunday.

"The SDF fighters have reached to countryside of Manbij with only five kilometers distance. Manbij is one the most important strongholds of the ISIL in Northern Aleppo, because it is along the road of Raqqa to Turkish border. The SDF fighter try to lay siege on the town," the watch said, adding, "The Kurdish-led SDF fighters advanced significantly against the ISIL and recaptured the village of al-Rifiyeh 13.5 kilometers to the West of Euphrates River and the village of Adham 11 kilometers to the West of the river."

Reports said earlier on Sunday that the Russian fighter jets carried out at least 15 combat sorties over the strongholds of the terrorist groups in Northern Aleppo and targeted them heavily.

The Russian Air Force hit the militant groups' positions in Anadan Plains hard, which ended in the killing of a large number of terrorists in the villages of Hayyan, Hraytan, Anadan and Bayanoun, FNA reported.


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