SHOCKING VIDEO: 110 Bodies of African Refugees Wash Ashore in Libya

Sat Jun 4, 2016 09:45:02

More than 110 bodies were pulled from the sea off Libya’s shores on Friday after a smuggling boat carrying mainly African migrants sank into the Mediterranean.

At least 117 bodies -75 women, six children and 36 men - were pulled out from the waters near the western city of Zwara, Mohammed al-Mosrati, a spokesman for Libya's Red Crescent, told The Associated Press.

All but a few were from African countries.

The death toll was expected to rise as no life jackets were seen on photos of the bodies taken by a local Red Cross team. But, as is frequently the case, authorities were uncertain when or how the people died.

Libyan coast guards found an empty boat drifting Thursday, Libyan navy Colonel Ayoub Gassim told the AP, adding it was possible the vessel had capsized a day earlier.

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