VIDEO: More Than 83 ISIS Terrorists Killed in South of Fallujah & Ramadi

Fri Jun 3, 2016 13:54:44

More than 50 ISIS terrorist have been killed when Iraqi government launched a counter-terrorism operation against the extremists in the conflict-ridden western province of Anbar.

Fallujah Liberation Operations Commander Lieutenant General Abdel Wahab al-Saadi, told Arabic-language al-Sumaria satellite television network on Thursday that security forces closed in on Daesh (Islamic State , ISIS , ISIL , IS and Daesh) terrorists between al-Shuhadaa and al-Nuaimiya areas in southern Falluja, killing 50 of the terrorists during fierce exchanges of gunfire.

Saadi added that security forces are advancing in Saqlawiyah north of Fallujah, and are seeking to purge the area of Daesh militants and wrest complete control over it.

Also Anbar Liberation Operations Commander Major General Ismail al-Mahlawi also said nine Daesh Takfiris were killed in Albu Hawi region, south of Fallujah, when Iraqi warplanes pounded four militant hideouts in the area.

Meanwhile, the media center of al-Jazeera and al-Badiya Operations announced in a statement that Iraqi army forces had lobbed a barrage of artillery rounds at Daesh positions in Moskhan district, south of Ramadi, killing 24 extremists and wounding six others. Four motorcycles were also destroyed in the process.


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