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Germany’s Merkel Says Britain Will Be Stronger within EU

Germany’s Merkel Says Britain Will Be Stronger within EU
Thu Jun 2, 2016 19:42:59

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday urged Britain to stay in the EU, warning three weeks ahead of its referendum that a ‘Brexit’ vote would leave the United Kingdom with less clout.

“I have repeatedly said that I personally wish that Great Britain stays part of the European Union,” she told a Berlin press conference.

Citing the example of international trade talks, she pointed to the benefits of being part of the EU bloc and the risks of isolation.

“One nation by itself will never be able to achieve such good results” in trade negotiations, Merkel said.

Outcomes reached as part of the 28-nation bloc “will be qualitatively better for the people of Great Britain... I'm very certain of that.”

Merkel stressed, as she has done before, that the decision whether to stay or leave “is the decision of British citizens,” mindful not to be seen as meddling in the contentious issue, AFP reported.

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