ISIS Uses Facebook as Sex Slave Market Buying Women for £5,500 Each

ISIS Uses Facebook as Sex Slave Market Buying Women for £5,500 Each
Tue May 31, 2016 17:16:03

Human Rights Watch believe around 1,800 women are being held as slaves by the terror group, with most subjected to brutal rapes.

ISIS has turned to Facebook as a way of selling female captives to terrorists looking to purchase a sex slave, it has been reported.

Shocking posts show that women are being offered for sale for around $8,000 (£5,500 approximately).

Media reported that one sickening post advertised a woman for sale, possibly 18 years old.

Now removed, the post read: "To all the bros thinking about buying a slave, this one is $8,000."

Allegedly posted by an ISIS fighter calling himself Abu Assad, the girl was sale was believed to be around 18-years-old.

Another post pictured a young girl being offered up as a sex slave, with the caption "yay or nay?".

The terror group has drawn up a set of rules to abide by when dealing with their sex slaves.

According to their Caliphate laws, "the inevitable consequences of the extreme establishment is that women and children of infidels will become captives of terrorists."

According to Human Rights Watch, ISIS have control of 1,800 women and girls and claim that sex slaves are perfectly in line with ancient extremist traditions, Mirror reported.


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