VIDEO: Saudi Arabia’s Criminal Acts Make EU MPs Worried

Tue May 31, 2016 10:26:11

European parliament MPs asked their governments and parliaments to ban arm sales to Saudi Arabia, like Netherland, because of Riyadh support of terrorism and issuance of death penalty for its own citizens and continuation of violation to Yemeni people as well as the killing of thousands of Yemeni citizens.

According to Alalam Correspondent Karim Baghestani, Netherland’s Parliament in an unprecedented act broke the international wall of silence and banned arm’s sale to Saudi Arabia because of the human catastrophe that has been caused by the continuation of Saudi Arabia’s aggression.

European parliament considers this move by Netherland in line with implementation of EU Parliament’s legislation that has asked all the European countries to ban selling arms to Saudi Arabia.

This act by Netherland can force other European countries to obey this move.

Speaking to Alalam correspondent, France representative in European Parliament, Marie-Christine Vergiat, has hoped for France to do the same as Netherland. She added that unfortunately France has closed its eyes on Saudi Arabia’s evil acts of Saudi Arabia. France just wants to sell weapon. This country is the number one weapon market for Saudi Arabia. If our countries are the real supporters of human rights, now it’s time to deal with Saudi Arabia in another way.

France, Britain, Germany, Spain, and Italy sell weapons to Saudi Arabia more than other European countries.

Inner Circles have put Britain under pressure to expel Saudi Arabia from its weapon market. This has made Britain’s representatives in European parliament urge Cameron’s government to impose sanctions on a country that spends oil revenue on Weapon and terrorism.

Nicholas John Griefen, Britain’s representative in European Union, has told Alalam News Channel that Saudi Arabia is the forefront of terrorism in both the region and the world. This country is the financial and arm supporter of Al-Qaeda and Daesh and expands the hardline thoughts of terrorist groups.

It seems that Germany is in Doubt. Early last year Germany rejected Saudi Arabia’s request for buying weapon. Probably after Netherland, Germany will be the second country that will impose sanctions on Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia’s human rights record that has aroused concern among Europeans more than before has urged Netherland to openly condemn Saudi execution issuance for at least 70 people that is unprecedented this year.


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