VIDEO: Iraqi Forces Entered 5 KMs Inside Fallujah, Fierce Battle Continues

Mon May 23, 2016 12:09:14

More than 20,000 Iraqi government forces including Army, federal police forces, Sunni and Shia volunteer brigades equipped to military vehicles and artillery took part in the liberation operation of ISIS held city of Fallujah.

At the moment according to reports Iraqi allied Forces entered 5 KMs inside the city and Fierce Clashes continuous.

It is reported that Lt Gen Abdul Wahab Al Saadi has been chosen to lead Iraqi forces in their recapture of Fallujah.

Government forces and allied militia had cut off terrorist communication routes ahead of the offensive, while aviation units struck Daesh positions.

Fallujah, in the western Anbar province, has been under Daesh's control since 2014. Reports emerged recently that militants of the terrorist group began killing residents attempting to leave the city.

MAP: Situation around Fallujah as Iraqi Army gears up for an offensive

Today, the Iraqi Army has intensified their shelling on Islamic State positions at Fallujah’s northern perimeter, striking several fortifications in preparation for their coming summer offensive inside the city.

ISIS has attempted to divert the Iraqi Armed Forces from Fallujah’s outskirts by launching several attacks at the northern flank; however, all of these small offensives have failed to yield any progress for the terrorist group.

In addition to the constant shelling, the Iraqi Armed Forces have launched several airstrikes over Fallujah, causing serious damage to the terrorist group’s command structure.



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