Zero Hour for Liberation of Fallujah Arrived: Iraq PM

VDO: “Operation Breaking Terrorism” to Liberation Fallujah from Daesh Started

Mon May 23, 2016 10:17:59

On the heels of a victory in Rutba, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al Abadi announced the launch of Operation Breaking Terrorism to recover Falluja.

The Islamic State (ISIS, ISIL and IS) terrorist captured Falluja in January 2014 later became one of the terror group strongholds.

The Iraqi government deployed at least 20,000 troops to combat terrorists in Daesh-held western city of Fallujah, Iraqi television reported Sunday.

Earlier on Sunday, the military warned residents to flee, but the militants are forcing many of them to stay as human shields. Those who must shelter in place have been asked to raise a white flag above their homes. Heavy artillery fire has already been reported.


The military has been tightening its noose around the city for months but decided to attack Ramadi and Rutba first.

In a televised statement from the military's Joint Operations Command in Baghdad, broadcast on Monday (23 May), Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al Abadi said Iraqi security forces would provide safe passage to civilians leaving the city during the operation.

"Zero hour for the liberation of Fallujah has arrived. The moment of great victory has drawn near and Daesh has no choice but to flee," the prime minister said using another name for the terrorist organisation. Abadi's announcement came hours after the Iraqi military urged Fallujah residents to flee the city ahead of the operation.

"I am calling for citizens who are inside Falluja to leave their areas and head towards safe corridors," military spokesman Brigadier General Yahya Rasoul said on Iraqi TV. 

A statement from Iraq's Joint Operations Command revealed the government has dropped thousands of safe passage cards on Fallujah.

Dozens of Shia fighters groups from Iraqi Shiite resistance movement (including Iraq Hezbollah Brigades and other groups of Iraqi popular forces (Hashd Al Shabi) have been deployed around the Iraqi city of Fallujah to begin a massive attack on ISIL terrorists and Already have laid siege on the city of Fallujah from different directions.


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