Al-Nusra Confirms Death of More Leaders in Russia Airstrike in Syria’s Idlib + VIDEO

Fri May 13, 2016 19:52:49

The Russian air assault on Abu al-Dhuhur airbase in Idlib has claimed the lives of three more senior officials within the al-Nusra Front rank, the terrorist groups' Coordination Headquarter confirmed on Friday.

"Abu Nasr Talamnes, al-Nusra Front's top administrative official in al-Badiyeh, Abu Osama, the manager of Abu al-Dhuhur airport and Abu Torab al-Homawi, the military official in charge of al-Badiyeh were also killed in the Russian heavy bombardments," the headquarter said.

Military sources said on Friday that a Russian strategic long-range warplane targeted the positions of al-Nusra Front in Abu al-Dhuhur Airbase in the Southeastern part of Idlib province, claiming the lives of at least 20 terrorists.

The Russian Tupolev Tu-160 that can carry up to 20,000 kg of explosives hit the al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra's concentration centers in the strategic Abu al-Dhuhur airbase, which ended in the killing of at least 20 militants, including field commanders.

The Tu-160 was accompanied by two Sukhoj Su-35 fighter jets providing cover for the large strategic bomber.

Abu Turab -Abu al-Sheima`a -Abu Batol -Abu Seif -Zaid al-Hamwi -Abu al-Tuqa and Abu Mohammad al-Ansari were among the killed militants in the air attack.

Abu al-Dhuhur Airbase was seized by al-Nusra in early September of 2015 after government troops succumbed to a 3-year long siege, FNA reported.

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