ISIS’s Philippines Branch Beheads Canadian Hostage after Ransom Not Met + VIDEO

Wed May 4, 2016 11:20:40

So-Called Islamic State terror group’s branch in Philippines formerly called as Abu Sayyaf beheads captured Canadian tourist John Ridsdel after ransom demands for $6.5million were not met.

Terrorist militant group Abu Sayyaf has released horrific footage showing the beheading of Canadian John Ridsdel.

68-year-old John Ridsdel being held captive deep in the Philippine jungle.

Mr Ridsdel had been taken hostage by the group - which is fighting for the creation of an independent state - from a marina in the country's south on September 21, 2015.

AbuSayyaf released another vid shows 3 remaining hostages threatening to behead them if demands no met

After the Canadian government failed to meet his captors' ransom demands, two men on a motorcycle left his head, placed inside a plastic bag, along a street in Jolo town in Sulu province and then fled, Daily Mail reports.

Rita Katz, the director of the SITE Intelligence Group, said the new footage was 'brutal, barbaric, extremely graphic, and most disturbing'.

The Abu Sayyaf militants had threatened to behead one of three men - Mr Ridsdell, another Canadian and a Norwegian - they kidnapped last September from a marina on southern Samal Island if a large ransom was not paid by 3pm on April 25.

Philippine forces were moving to rescue the abductees, also including a Filipino woman who was kidnapped with them, as the Abu Sayyaf's deadline for the ransom payment lapsed, the military said.

"The hostages were believed to have been taken to Jolo Island in Sulu, a jungled province where the militants are thought to be holding a number of captives, including 14 Indonesian and four Malaysian crewmen who were abducted at gunpoint from three tugboats starting last month."

The militants reportedly demanded 300 million pesos (the equivalent of $6.5 million USD) for each of the foreigners, a reduction from their earlier demands.

About 400 Abu Sayyaf militants are believed to have been involved in the kidnappings.

The abductions highlight the long-running security problems hounding the southern Philippines, a region with bountiful resources that also suffers from poverty, lawlessness and decades-long insurgencies.


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