VIDEO: Kenya Burns Largest Stockpile of Ivory Tusks for Saving Elephants

Sun May 1, 2016 19:06:01

The Kenyan government set fire to 105 tons of ivory, the largest stockpile of ivory tusks in history, in the country's capital city of Nairobi on Saturday, to reaffirm Kenya's commitment to protect its iconic wildlife species.

According to Kenyan wild fauna and flora administration, the 105 tons of ivory were from 8,000 elephants and 343 rhinoceros, which was the biggest ever incineration of its kind.

Various of wild animals is one of the unique features of Kenya's tourism, attracting a lot of tourists from all over the world. Experts said a live elephant can bring 76 times benefits as compared with poaching ivory tusks.

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta said the new generation of poachers armed with new weapons and connected to the vast market across the world threatens the survival of elephants, the natural heritage and the stability of the state and the safety of the communities.

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