VIDEO Shows Moments ISIS "Mad Max Car Bomb" Exploded by Missile

Wed Apr 27, 2016 13:26:27

Western Special Forces soldiers were involved in a Javelin anti-tank missile launch that took out an ISIS car-bomb in Syria, footage has revealed.

Images show a ISIS Mad-Max style car bomb racing towards its target before being struck by the missile.The dramatic video was captured by broadcaster France 24.

The broadcaster said about a dozen British, American and French soldiers were involved in the missile launch, Daily Mail Reports.

They were given 'carte blanche' to kill or capture the terror group’s leaders – including the masterminds behind the Tunisian beach massacre.

In February a SAS sniper has beheaded an ISIS executioner with a single shot while the militant was teaching terrorists how to decapitate prisoners.

The footage shows the soldiers in military clothing arranging airstrikes from American A-10 tankbuster warplanes, reported The Times.

The video shows the car - resembling those in apocalyptic action film Mad Max -  careering through the desert at high speed.

The British narrator says: 'The ISIS driver hurtles towards our position', before the missile launches.

The missile hits the car, making the vehicle explode in a huge fireball of black smoke.

Kurdish troops then can be heard whooping and cheering as they celebrate their success.

One female soldier says: 'A suicide bomber tried to attack us but our comrades managed to kill him', while another says he's thrilled because he believes its his missile that has hit the vehicle.

But the video reveals that a coalition of reportedly British, American and French forces were the ones who launched the strike.


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