Realities of Refugee Crisis

VIDEO: HRW Says Turkey Guards Shooting Syrian Refugee Fleeing ISIS

Fri Apr 15, 2016 17:14:21

Turkey has been accused of opening fire on civilians fleeing the fighting in Syria. Fighting in Aleppo has displaced 30,000 Syrians in the past 48 hours but the border remains shut to only the most seriously injured.

As fighting in Aleppo province intensifies, today Human Rights Watch accused Turkish guards of opening fire on Syrian refugees as they approached the country's border wall with Syria.

Gerry Simpson, senior refugee researcher at Human Rights Watch, said: 'As civilians flee ISIS terrorists, Turkey is responding with live ammunition instead of compassion.

'The whole world is talking about fighting ISIS, and yet those most at risk of becoming victims of its horrific abuses are trapped on the wrong side of a concrete wall.'

On March 31 2016 The Time reported that Sixteen migrants, including three children, were killed by Turkey guards as they crossed into Turkey over the past four months.

According to The Times report  Syrian smuggler living in Turkey said that the true number was higher.

A refugee told the organization how 2,000 people were forced from a camp after it was overrun by ISIS terrorists. They said: 'As we approached the border wall we saw Turkish soldiers on a hill behind the wall and they just started shooting at us.


"'They shot at our feet and everyone just turned round and ran in all directions. 'I took my family and we walked to another [refugee] camp nearby, called al-Rayan. We’re afraid now because ISIS is close to this camp too. But where can we go?'"

Fighting in Aleppo are heaviest around Handarat, a hilly area that lies along a route leading north out of opposition-held parts of the city.

London based Observatory head Rami Abdel Rahman said Syrian Army forces, backed by Russian and Syrian planes, were seeking to cut off that road and 'completely besiege' eastern neighborhoods, Daily Mail Reports.

The official said the UN was planning several aid deliveries to Afrin and Azaz - two flashpoint areas in the province - in the coming days.

De Mistura said he made progress in Damascus by securing permission to distribute medical and food supplies.


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