VIDEO: Bahrain Al-Khalifa Regime Forces Attack Funeral of a 18-Y-O Martyr

Wed Apr 6, 2016 11:42:16

Riot police in Bahrain fired tear gas and clashed with protesters after the funeral of a wanted teenager who martyred of severe injuries by police fires.

A few thousand Bahrainis marched in a politically charged funeral procession for 18-year-old martyr Ali Abdulghani, in the western Shiite Muslim village of Shahrakan.

They shouted anti-government slogans and carried posters of Abdulghani, who had been wanted by police to serve a five-year sentence for taking part in protests.

Clashes erupted as the funeral ended.

18-year-old Ali Abdulghan

Bahrain's Interior Ministry said Abdulghani sustained a head injury on Thursday in a protest cracked down by police and when he fell from a building while fleeing police.

His martyrdom was announced on Monday. Bahraini opposition activists question the circumstances and are demanding an independent investigation.

Abdulghani's Martyrdom has touched a nerve among Bahrain's majority Shiites, who since 2011 have been protesting for greater rights from the Sunni-ruled Al-Khalifa Corrupted monarchy regime.


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