Russia Elevates Campaign to Smash ISIS by Deploying Warships into Sea: Putin

Russia Elevates Campaign to Smash ISIS by Deploying Warships into Sea: Putin
Tue Mar 1, 2016 18:39:56

Vladimir Putin is bolstering his campaign to smash the heinous ISIS by deploying Russian warships to combat terror groups from the sea.

The Russian strongman’s Pacific Fleet patrol boat crews have successfully passed exams ahead of performing tasks at sea and will be ready to enter the waters in the coming months.

A spokesman for the Navy fleet said: “Boat crews, including that of the latest Project ‘Grachonok,’ of anti-diversionary submarine units and Kamchatka waters combined defence forces have successfully passed K-1 course tasks.”

Sea crews prepare for a number of tasks including air defence, damage control, anti-sabotage defence as well as personnel actions under chemical, bacteriological and radiological contamination.

US Secretary of State John Kerry has now agreed a pact with Russia which ensures any strikes on Syria, by either powerhouse, are on ISIS – also known as Daesh – or the al-Qaeda-linked Nusra front.

The countries agreed not to discuss alleged violations of a cessation against hostilities in Syria but to work on the newly forged plan to wipe out the twisted terror cell.

The warped terrorist groups were not included in February’s cessation deal on Syria, Express reported.


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