By PHOTOS: Yazidi 19 YO Details Her 9 Months of Hell as Being ISIS Sex Slave

By PHOTOS: Yazidi 19 YO Details Her 9 Months of Hell as Being ISIS Sex Slave
Thu Feb 25, 2016 19:45:26

A freed Yazidi sex slave has told of how she was raped by ISIS terrorists high on drugs and forced to abort her own baby after a 60-year-old terrorist impregnated her, according to Daily Mail.

Shirin, whose name has been changed, was 17 with dreams of becoming a lawyer when she was abducted by the terror group and subjected to nine months of unimaginable torture.

'Every rape felt like I was being cut up from the inside, every organ in my body felt wounded, it was such pain, such humiliation,' said Shirin, who has since moved to Germany.

She added: 'My lower abdomen burned as if someone had pressed broken glass between my legs.'

One woman begged Shirin's attackers to take her to the hospital because she would not stop bleeding, but the rapist ignored her pleas.

Shirin, now 19, added: 'My friend bathed me and rubbed cream into my body, she tried to heal my wounds. She put me in a bath of salt water.

'There I realized the water was turning dark until it was so red that I was bathing in a bath full of blood.'

Shortly after, she was taken to a new, undisclosed ISIS hideout where there were many other Yazidi women and girls, and sold on to another man.

She said they were all 'hit, attacked, raped by men high on drugs, we were left to starve and not given anything to drink'.

Shirin, who was forced to marry as many as nine ISIS thugs, was impregnated by a 60-year-old man. She aborted the baby herself.

She has told of her torturous ordeal in a new book written in German, entitled: 'I remain a daughter of the light.'

In it, the young woman talks of how she tried to kill herself when she was about to be raped for the first time.

She said: 'I put a scarf round my neck and pulled on both ends. I pulled with all the strength I had, until the veins in my eyes exploded, my eyes were burning and I felt dizzy.

'The man came into the room, ripped of the scarf and hit me repeatedly until I fell to the floor.'

In August 2014, the teenager was torn from her home in the remote village of Hardan in northern Iraq and sold off as a sex slave to ISIS fighters.

ISIS abducted hundreds of women and girls - and massacred thousands of men - during the siege of several Yazidi villages in the area that month.

She said: 'It was 7am when they arrived – a convoy of white pickup trucks and beige jeeps, probably former SUVs belonging to the Americans. We were still in our night dresses. My father was away in northern Kurdistan on business. That was what saved his life.

'We realized immediately that this was an invasion, but we couldn't fully process the thoughts. My mother sat there shaking her head from side to side and said: 'Nothing bad will happen.' We were not Shi'ites who they hated. We were just Yazidis who they wanted to have control over.

Yazidi 19 YO Details Her 9 Months of Hell as Being ISIS Sex Slave

'We quickly put long dresses over our night dresses. We then ran out onto the street to see the fighters who were approaching. They waved their black flags with white Arabic writing on them in the air.

'The first faces we saw from the passing vehicles were known to us. Regardless what jobs they did before, whether they were craftsmen, teachers or doctors, all of our Arab neighbors seemed to have joined up with ISIS.

'There were also men we didn't know. They openly looked us girls up and down and laughed dirtily amongst each other. Their looks made us frightened and disgusted, their beards were long and unkempt.

'We quickly ran back into the safety of our own homes. No women then dared go back outside. Over loud speakers in the village our neighbors assured us villagers that we had nothing to fear as long as we kept calm.

'We believed what the said. Only my nine-year-old sister Leyla was smarter. She packed all her favorite dresses into a bag and said: "I am not leaving these here, with these men. These are my things".'

'The next minute my phone rang. It was my friend Telim. He sounded out of breath. The ISIS members were in his village, they had claimed they did not want to do any harm. My friend spoke without taking a breath. He and his family had managed to escape to the mountains.

'He told me, "They are lying to you. They are killing all the men and taking away all the women and girls. Run away! They are on the way to you. Please run away".'

She went on: 'We were so blind. We didn't recognize the danger. Then at around 16:00 ISIS fighters told our village head, "We will not do anything to you as long as all of your daughters are brought to us by 18:00".'

'In two hours they wanted all of the girls outside. The news spread like wild fire. Our village head told us all, "Take your daughters and try to flee. Otherwise they will take your daughters and your wives".

'The news spread from house to house, from mouth to mouth. People were fleeing to their cars. As my mother found out, she immediately telephoned and told my father.

'He told her he believed it, adding 'if you don't flee, you will be next. The whole village was in uproar, my mother was screaming, she was saying that no matter what the cost she was not daughters up in their hands.

'Half of the village was trying to take the road towards Dohuk. I felt blood was rushing to my head and just wanted to get my phone, so we could reach our father at any time. We didn't even take our passports. Nothing. Only our youngest sister had packed her bag the night before.

'The first cars fled past us. Shoulder to shoulder we forced our way out of the open door.

'The next minute our uncle wanted to drive forward. Two cars of our relatives would follow. 'Go! We were pushed to the back of the car, Felek, Leyla and me – on the back seat with my aunt and cousin. My brothers Kemal and Dishad got in the car behind us. I took a deep breath. Nobody realized how pointless the attempt was.

'Behind us we heard cries from the ISIS fighters. 'Stop them' Most of them didn't appear to react too much. They seemed to know exactly that we would not get too far.'

She said that what followed was a nightmare, as hundreds of villagers were stopped just outside the village, and the women including herself, her mother, her younger brother and two sisters were separated.

She said: 'On this day in August I later learned that ISIS took numerous villages in the Sinjar region, including the capital Sinjar where there were 40,000 people. I was 17-years-old.'

She was sold as a sex slave, and was repeatedly abused and raped, shared out among ISIS fighters as a reward for their bravery.

She said: 'I was not so scared of these men who kept me captive then, perhaps it was a survival mechanism which was the only thing that kept me going, but now I'm safe I no longer have the courage I had then.

'When a man with a beard comes near me in Germany I get panicked and scared. When I see a bus, it reminds me of how I was trafficked away each time to a new location. I don't like to go by bus. I was taken away in a bus, it was horrific, and I nearly suffocated and was packed in with many people.

"She was sold as a sex slave, and was repeatedly abused and raped, shared out among ISIS fighters as a reward for their bravery."

'I am no longer the person I once was. People who know me say I have changed 180 degrees. I didn't know that I was such a fearful person. Sometimes I am scared when a car drives past.'

She said that the men that would have sex with her had their faces covered with masks when they raped her, and that after a few months some of them had stopped bothering to wear the masks.

She said: 'When I saw their faces for the first time it was only then that I realized I was looking at the faces of my former neighbors.'

Her ordeal only ended when she was married to her ninth husband, and he had ended up taking pity on her and helping her to flee to Germany.

She said: 'I was in captivity for nine months. I was freed by a Sunni Muslim, one of my "husbands". He told me I should trust him, he wanted to help me flee.

'At first I refused, but the others told me it was my only choice, so I married him according to Islamic law. It was a marriage of convenience. He never touched me. We fled together from the ISIS controlled area into a Kurdish area. It was a long, scary, dangerous escape.'

She now lives in southern Germany, and her dreams are smaller. She no longer dreams of studying law for example. She said: 'I don't think I can do it. But I would like to have a driving license and be able to drive a car. '

She said writing her story was an attempt to come to terms with what happened and an attempt to warn the world about what was happening with ISIS.

"She said: I am telling my story for my people. So people never forget what ISIS did to our people. Many more are still fleeing, many are in camps. I also wrote the book to show that it is ISIS that is evil, not Islam."

And she added: 'If all countries do not act together to stop this, then the fight will come to Europe.

'I never thought something so bad could happen. I was split from my mother, and then I was beaten. I tried to kill myself. I always thought it could not get any worse and then it did.

'I was raped. It was not just what the men did to me, it was so totally humiliating. I felt so dirty, so terribly dirty.

'I ask myself if I am still the old Shirin? I don't think I will ever forget the faces of these men when I finally saw them. But the worst thing was I was always scared about what was happening to my mother, my father and my siblings.

Shirin talks with her father nearly every day. He is in a refugee camp. He always says to me: 'As long as you are well, then I am well.'

Her mother is alive but in ISIS captivity in Syria. Her brothers and sisters, she has not heard from them since they were separated.

She said: 'Even in my suffering I realized that their lives were more important to me than mine. They were my family. They were all I had.'

Shirin's fate is not an isolated case. According to the Kurdish government over 7,000 women and children have been advised in ISIS-hostage. Less than 500 have so far fled or were ransomed.

The psychiatrist and trauma expert January Kizilhan, who also supervised Shirin, believes that about 200 abducted Yazidi girls have been committed suicide. 'They have cut his wrists, swallowed rat poison, killed himself with electricity or to tried to drown themselves,' he said.

The ISIS terrorists want to wipe out the religious minority of Yazidis and break the will of the victim. Rape and the consequent degradation of women and their families set the militias targeted to a psychological warfare.

Some of the girls had been forced to call their families and to report in detail fathers and brothers from their torments, by their rape by the tormentors, Shirin describes the outline of terrorists in their book, Daily Mail reported.


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