VIDEO: Turkey Shelling Kurds Fighters Inside Syria in Support of ISIS in Azaz

Fri Feb 19, 2016 16:11:03

Turkish military shells Syrian Kurdish YPG positions in response to cross-border fire

The Turkish military is pushing ahead with its cross-border artillery shelling campaign against Syrian Kurdish militia positions in Syria.

Anadolu Agency reported late on Thursday that artillery shells had "intermittently" targeted militia positions near the town of Azaz.

The report came as Turkey blamed the Syrian militia group as well as Turkey's own Kurdish forrces for Wednesday's bomb attack in Ankara that killed 28 people. It also called on its allies to cut off support to the militia group.

The Kurdish militia, however, has been most effective in the fight against the so-called "Islamic State" ( ISIS , ISIL , Daesh or IS) group in Syria. A video broadcast by Turkey's private Dogan News Agency or DHA on Thursday appears to show shells being launched from Kilis, on the Turkish side of the border, towards the Syrian town of Azaz.

Ankara appears increasingly uneasy over the kurdish forces recent gains across its border and has continued to shell the militia despite international calls for it to stop.


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