VIDEO: Iraqi Troops toward a Car Bomb Inside Ramadi Tries to Clear City

Fri Jan 1, 2016 10:08:08

Iraqi troops struggle with explosive traps and pockets of resistance as they retake the town of Ramadi from Islamic State.

Unidentified Iraqi Commander said: Thank God, we are now in the al-Hoz area (of Ramadi) after we completed an operation to clear out the al-Dhubat, al-Oula, and al-Thaniya districts. As you can see morale is high. We targeted and destroyed a large number of car bombs. Fighters are happy with the victories they achieved. We downed the enemy's drones and we are targeting the remaining car bombs."

"As captured by your camera, there was a car bomb in one of the houses, which was prepared to blow up on the security forces while they are clearing out districts of Ramadi city. We detected the car bomb and we destroyed it using an tank round and we killed all the members of the enemy who were inside it," he added.

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