Nowhere to Run for ISIS Terrorists After Iraqi Army Retook Ramadi

Nowhere to Run for ISIS Terrorists After Iraqi Army Retook Ramadi
Thu Dec 31, 2015 18:58:21

ISIS fighters are believed to be cowering in one of their key strongholds as the Iraqi government works to wipe out all traces of the terrorists.

Around 700 ISIS militants - also known as Daesh - are thought to be hiding in the centre and eastern outskirts of the western city of Ramadi, an area which government forces took back from the terrorist group just three days ago.

Residents of Ramadi were last week ordered to leave the city to pave way for a huge military operation aimed at overthrowing ISIS, which had controlled the area since swarming large swathes of land in Iraq and Syria last summer. 

According to army much of the city, which previously had a population of 400,000, still needs to be cleared of explosives laid by the terrorist insurgents before locals can return to their homes.

The Iraqi army retook Ramadi on Sunday after months of cautious advances .

However, with hundreds believed to still be sneaking around the city, fears have now been sparked that they could try and attack Iraqi forces or returning civilians with snipers and bomb attacks.

Security sources said insurgents clashed with federal police and tribal fighters on Wednesday in Husaiba al-Sharqiya and Jweba, on the eastern fringes of Ramadi.


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