INSIDE RAMADI, ISIS Using People as Human Shields to Escape Army Offensive

Fri Dec 25, 2015 18:52:52

Iraqi forces battles sniper fire, car bombs, roadside bombs and booby traps as they continues Thursday to push out terrorists while have almost recaptured the Ramadi 60 miles from capital Baghdad and ISIS stronghold.

Around 100 ISIS terrorists are surrounded by Iraqi troops who are targeting the remaining ISIS strong points as Ibrahim al-Osej, a Ramadi councilor, said the number of ISIS fighters left in Ramadi was estimated to be 'smaller than a battalion', or fewer than 400.

According to reports terrorists are trying to flee using civilian convoys as cover.

Heavy Fighting and ISIS defensive toward Iraqi lightening Allied Forces offensive make the city’s people vulnerable to worsening humanitarian situation inside Ramadi.

Ramadi, in Anbar province was a major ISIS stronghold which borders Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.


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