VIDEO: Iraq Army Troops Operation to Retake Ramadi Fully from ISIS

Thu Dec 24, 2015 14:28:20

Iraq’s army forces reach Tamim district in Ramadi city and start an operation to clear out explosives left behind by ISIS militants, as part of a bid to retake the city.

“Following the liberation of the area, Explosive Ordnance Defusal teams of the 16th Division started work to remove and defuse all the jerry cans filled with explosive materials, and bombs planted on the roads and in houses. All the bombs have been defused,” Military official said.

“Morale is high and, God willing, we will keep advancing to retake the whole of Ramadi city. We are now in Tamim district and, God willing, we will liberate the remaining part and, God willing, we will retake the center of Ramadi city,” the official added.


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