VIDEO: Man Suspected of Recruiting Children for ISIS Arrested in North Africa

Sat Dec 12, 2015 21:59:26

A Spanish suspected 34Yo, who recruiting vulnerable children for ISIS has been arrested by Civil Guards in the autonomous Spanish enclave of Ceuta, reports said.

Civil Guards in the autonomous Spanish enclave of Ceuta made the arrest early this morning, the country’s Interior Ministry said.

The 34Yo Spaniard, who lives in Ceuta, was held after investigators probed the departure of several youngsters to Syria.

The suspect was described as terrorist, who is said to have targeted vulnerable children through a cultural center and brainwashed them into joining the militants.

An Interior Ministry spokesman said in a statement: “The Civil Guard began their investigations after detecting the departure of several youngsters from Ceuta to Syria.

"As a result of these investigations, they were able to discover that the detainee was recruiting and indoctrinating vulnerable youngsters he offered to help get to war zones and join the terrorist organization Daesh."

Earlier this week two ISIS recruiters were arrested in Catalonia and the Canary Islands on suspicion of recruiting for the terrorists group and making threats against Spain and France.

The 32Yo man from Mataro near Barcelona and a 19Yo woman living on Fuerteventura have been remanded in prison. They were both Moroccan but lived legally in Spain.

On Thursday Irish-Algerian Ali Charaf Damache was detained in Barcelona on an international arrest warrant issued by the US .

He is wanted by the FBI for conspiracy in a foiled plot to murder a Swedish cartoonist whose depiction of the Prophet Mohammed caused outrage in the Muslim world.

Most of the terror suspects arrested so far in Spain this year have been lifted in Ceuta or its only other north African enclave Melilla. reported.


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