Astonishing Rocket Found in ISIS Arsenal by Iraqi Troops + PHOTOS & VIDEO

Thu Dec 10, 2015 20:08:44

Astonishing DIY rocket made out of gas canisters among the homemade arsenal seized by Iraqi forces after storming an ISIS arms depot in Ramadi.


Iraqi security forces inspect the hundreds of rockets and ammunitions they confiscated from ISIS after recapturing parts of Ramadi

Iraqi forces have seized a huge cache of deadly ISIS weapons after recapturing parts of Ramadi, near Baghdad.


Some 300 ISIS fighters are thought to be trapped after blowing up lock on Euphrates River to keep Iraqi government soldiers (pictured) at bay


An Iraqi counter terrorism officer inspects the weapons and ammunition seized from ISIS in the city of Ramadi, which has been under the terror group's control since May

They paraded rockets made from gas canisters through the besieged city and laid out hundreds of explosive shells after a breakthrough battle against the terror group.


Photos showed hundreds of explosive shells and weapons laid out across the ground but the exact number of confiscated weapons is not known

Some 300 ISIS fighters are thought to be trapped somewhere in Ramadi after blowing up a lock on the Euphrates River to keep the government forces from storming further into their slowly depleting territory.


Terror defeated: An Iraqi soldier strolls by the weapons seized from ISIS, and in front of the infamous black terrorist flag used by extremist groups


The United States is now ready to send more personnel and attack helicopters to Iraq to help the government defeat ISIS after an important victory in Ramadi, in which it seized many of the terror group's weapons

ISIS has destroyed all other bridges leading to the center of the city since Iraq launched a renewed push on Ramadi earlier this month.


Iraqi soldiers (pictured) and tribal fighters take on ISIS militants in a gun fight in Ramadi

“Daesh [ISIS] forces trying to stop our progress bombed the last bridge which connects the city center,” said Major General Ismail al-Mahlawi, the head of military operations in the western Anbar province.


An Iraqi soldier takes combat position with a rocket propelled grenade (RPG) in the rural town of Husayba, in the Euphrates Valley, 4.5 miles east of Ramadi

He said the locks’ destruction leaves some 300 ISIS fighters trapped in the center of the city.


Battle positions: ISIS has destroyed the bridges leading to the centre of Ramadi since Iraq launched a renewed push on Ramadi earlier this month (pictured, an Iraqi soldier in the nearby town of Husayba)

Colonel Steven Warren, the spokesman for the US-led coalition in Baghdad, said the destruction of the bridge may prove to be a tactical mistake for ISIS.


Hostile environment: A triumphant Iraqi soldier, armed with a rocket launcher, stands in front of a bullet ridden wall in the town of Husayba, near Ramadi


Triumphant: Iraqi forces pose for a picture in the al-Tameem district of Ramadi after recapturing parts of the city from ISIS

He said: “What they’ve also done now is they’ve really cut themselves off. So the fighters left on the north side of the river can’t retreat and the fighters on the south side of the river can’t send reinforcements.”


Advance: Iraqi security forces (pictured in Husayba near Ramadi) have fought their way to the outskirts of Ramadi, where they have been battling the ISIS militants in the past weeks


Smoke billows from a house in the rural town of Husayba, near Ramadi, where today Iraqi forces confiscated a massive cache of ISIS weaponry

Muhannad Haimour, the spokesman for the Anbar governor’s office, said he received reports from Ramadi locals that ISIS was also destroying buildings and radio towers.


Destruction: The devastated rural town of Husayba, near Ramadi, where Iraqi government forces have been closing on ISIS militants

“We’ve seen this before; they tend to blow up not just bridges, but a lot of infrastructure inside the city,” he said; Dailymail reported.


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