VIDEO, New ISIS Hollywood Style Execution Comes with Warning to Tunisia

Fri Dec 11, 2015 15:17:58

ISIS has released a video showing an unmasked terrorist shooting a man who is hanging upside down in the shoulder and the head with an assault rifle from point-blank range.

The video, which starts off with ISIS threat against the Tunisian state is believed to have been shot in north east Syria. The terrorists claim that the victim was a 'traitor'.

The terrorists have called the video 'A Message to the Monotheists After the Bombing of the Apostates in Tunisia'. 

The original 11-minute video begins with a group of terrorists, some of whom have their bearded faces uncovered start listening to a pre-recorded rant in French on a lap top.

In the video a Kia Cerato drives slowly into shot. A masked prisoner wearing an orange jumpsuit is led from the vehicle by the driver.

One of the terrorists has been identified as a Tunisian national who is now operating from Syria.

ISIS has become increasingly active in Tunisia. Last month, at least 12 people died after an explosion ripped through a bus containing presidential guards in the capital Tunis in a suspected suicide attack.