Russia Intends to Bring up Ankara’s Invasion of Northern Iraq at UNSC

Russia Intends to Bring up Ankara’s Invasion of Northern Iraq at UNSC
Tue Dec 8, 2015 17:58:44

As a Baghdad-issued ultimatum for Turkish troops to leave the area is nearing its deadline, Russia intends to bring up Ankara's invasion of northern Iraq without the country's request at the UN Security Council on Thursday.

“The issue will be raised at a closed-door meeting,” TASS cited a diplomatic source within the organization as saying. The source also dismissed earlier reports that Moscow was going to call a separate UNSC meeting.

According to Iraqi media,Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi has put the Iraqi Air Force on high alert and the ruling National Iraqi Alliance has given the prime minister the go-ahead to take “any measures” to ensure territorial integrity and protect its borders, including addressing the UN and the Arab League.

Iraqi media reported earlier that on December 4 Iraq's PM said: “Turkish troops numbering around one regiment armored with tanks and artillery entered Iraqi territory,” labeling the incident as a “serious breach of Iraqi sovereignty.” He added that the move “does not conform with good neighborly relations,” and called on to Ankara to “withdraw immediately from Iraqi territory.”

Ankara’s reaction has been offhand. It claimed up to 150 of its troops had crossed into Iraq to train forces battling ISIS.

Although the US-led anti-IS coalition was aware of Turkey's move, it emerged later that Ankara’s deployment is not part of the efforts of the US-led coalition battling ISIS.

Turkish troops did not simply cross the Iraqi border into the Nineveh province, but penetrated 100 kilometer into Iraq, according to Reuters. They reached the Bashiqa region, about 10 kilometers northeast of Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, which has been occupied by IS terrorists since June 2014

Turkey is lying when it says it received Baghdad’s blessing to invade part of its territory, according to the Iraqi PM, RT reported.


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