VIDEO, Saudi-Led Attacks on Yemen Clinic: MSF

Thu Dec 3, 2015 18:22:29

The Saudi-led coalition has bombed a clinic related to MSF in southwest Yemen, wounding nine people, Aid agency Doctors without Borders (MSF) on Thursday has announced.

Two MSF staff were among those wounded when the clinic in Taez, Yemen's third-largest city, was struck by coalition jets on Wednesday, it said.

The agency said it had repeatedly shared coordinates of the clinic with Riyadh in the days before the strike.

“There is no way that the Saudi-led coalition could have been unaware of the presence of MSF activities in this location,” said Jerome Alin, MSF mission head in Yemen.

"The bombing of civilians and hospitals is a violation of international humanitarian law. Civilians seeking health care and medical facilities must be respected," Alin said in a statement.

The United Nations says more than 5,700 people have been killed in Yemen since then, nearly half of them civilians.

Two Yemen tribesmen Killed by ISIS Terrorists
Terrorists have killed two members of an influential tribe in southeastern Yemen, tribal sources said Thursday, accusing the terrorists of carrying out the executions.

"Supporters of Daesh on Wednesday executed members of the Awlaki tribe after kidnapping them," a senior tribesman told AFP.

Another tribal source said Hashem and Ahmed Maklam al-Tunssi were killed in Seiyun, the second largest town in Hadramawt province, where Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has a significant presence.

The announcement comes a day after AQAP fighters drove pro-government forces out of a town in southern Yemen that could potentially open up a supply route between their stronghold of Mukalla, in Hadramawt, and second city Aden.

At least 15 people were killed when AQAP fighters swept into Jaar, in Abyan province, before appearing to withdraw from the town. AFP reported.


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