Frontline Footage Shows Peshmerga Offensive Against Daesh

Thu Dec 3, 2015 12:22:59

These pictures is only parts of realities of the Syrian frontline war against ISIS which show an unexploded suicide vest lies on the ground next to the bodies of ISIS terrorist in the Syrian town of Ain Issa.

Other pictures show the ruins of buildings pounded by airstrikes along the frontline of the battle between ISIS and Syrian Kurds taken by ITV.

Today British fighter jets have returned from their first airstikes against ISIS in the terror group's Syria stronghold, the UK Ministry of Defence confirmed in the early hours of Thursday.

Two Tornado jets were deployed from RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus, to bomb ISIS in Syria just 57 minutes after MPs voted in favour of military action against ISIL. A further two Tornados took off from the base hours later.

Ain Issa has already been a target for forces already involved in air strikes in the country.

In the last 24 hours alone, US bombers have carried out two strikes which hit a tactical unit and took out two ISIS fighting positions.

Pictures taken by ITV show buildings smashed to pieces and a Sharia Court building abandoned by ISIS in Al Hawl.

A dozen ISIS fighters are lined up on the ground in another picture which was taken after an assault on a Kurdish outpost on the road leading from the town of Kobani to the ISIS stronghold Raqqa.

A discarded and unexploded suicide vest is pictured on the ground on the Syrian front line


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