China Preparing to ‘Team up with Russia against ISIS in Syria’

China Preparing to ‘Team up with Russia against ISIS in Syria’
Thu Nov 19, 2015 19:54:49

China could be on the verge of teaming up with Russia to unleash its military might in Syria and destroy ISIS.

Russia has carried out a series of deadly airstrikes against the terrorist group and Vladimir Putin has now sent the country's most elite special forces team into the war zone.

And speculation is heightening that offensive will be bolstered by the China's People's Liberation Army, following a number of reports of military movements in the region backed up by strong words from a senior government member at a United Nations meeting.

Reports emanating from the Middle East last week said China was planning on joining the fight against ISIS "in the coming weeks", according to a Syrian army official.

While Beijing insists it will abide by the United Nations (UN) in the region, hints of an action were backed up when it spoke strongly about a coordinated response to the rising terrorist threat.

Speaking of the Syrian crisis China's foreign minister Wang Yi said at the UN Security Council session in New York: “The world cannot afford to stand by and look on with folded arms, but must also not arbitrarily interfere.”

He added that nations should stand united against "violent extremist ideology".

Mr Wang and his opposite number in Russia, Sergey Lavrov met at length last week and afterwards Mr Lavrov said the two countries are in "similar positions" on many domestic and international issues.



China has also shown solidarity with Syria, joining Russia in vetoeing UN proposals against Bashar al-Assad, which are likely to prevent him being referred by the council to the International Criminal Court.


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