“France Is at War”: François Hollande

“France Is at War”: François Hollande
Wed Nov 18, 2015 16:56:42

François Hollande has reaffirmed that “France is at war” in a speech before a gathering of the country’s mayors in Paris.

He defended the “temporary restrictions on freedom” but said it was vital they were eventually restored, adding: “France will remain a country of movement, The Guardian reports.

He also rejected suggestions of a link between the refugee crisis and Friday’s Paris Terrorist attacks, announcing that France will accept 30,000 refugees in the next two years.

Some people have tried to draw a connection between the movement of refugees from the Middle East and the terrorist threat.

"This link exists because people from Iraq and Syria live in areas controlled by ISIS and are killed by those who attack us."

He also sought the support of the cities’ mayors, particularly in the deployment of thousands more security forces in France’s communes.

He suggested that local authorities could be given more powers to stop people and vehicles accessing certain areas.

Referring to this morning’s police raids, Hollande said: These acts once more confirm that we are at war, at war with terrorism which itself has waged war with us.

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