VIDEO, France Strikes and Pounds Raqqa 2 Days After ISIS Attacks

Mon Nov 16, 2015 10:02:05

French air force says launch series of 'massive' air strikes on ISIS targets in Raqqa including Terrorist Group recruitment center and training camp in ISIS held city of Raqqa. This Attacks carried out in revenge for terror attack in Paris.

Ten fighter jets dropped twenty bombs destroying ISIS command centre and terorist training camp in Syria. French jets took off from air bases in Jordan and the United Arab Emirates and targeted key ISIS sites in Raqqa.

Heavy bombing raid comes just two days after horrific attacks in Paris which left as many as 128 people dead.

The operation, carried out in coordination with U.S. forces, struck a command centre, recruitment centre for terrorist, a munitions depot and a training camp for terrrorists, it said. Water supplies and electricity have reportedly been cut as a result of the air strikes, with activists saying there has been 'panic' inside the city.


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