By Photo, 5 Dead in Derailment of France High-Speed Train Test

Sat Nov 14, 2015 20:45:31

A high-speed train undergoing a trial on a new high-speed line from Paris to Strasbourg derailed on Saturday near the German border, killing five people, the local prefecture said.

Pictures from Reuters and AFP photographers at the scene showed the locomotive partly submerged in a canal alongside the tracks with other parts lying broken and detached in a field beside the track.

In this incident a high-speed TGV train coach and engine carriage falls in a canal in  Eckwersheim near Strasbourg, northeastern France, after derailing during tests conducted by technicians, Frenh railway operator SNCF Anounced.

The second section of the Paris-Strasbourg high-speed TGV line on which the crash happened is set to open for service in April 2016.