First Video of Ohio Plane Crash, killed 9 on Board

Thu Nov 12, 2015 13:56:57

A pilot on a business jet made no distress calls before a fiery crash in Ohio that killed all nine people on board, investigators said on Wednesday.

The flight manifest showed seven passengers, a pilot and a co-pilot were on board at the time of the crash.

Another pilot who landed at Akron Fulton airport prior to the crash told investigators there were no distress calls over the radio from the pilot on the Hawker jet.

Video shows that the jet was flying at a low altitude when it banked left. The left wing hit the ground and the plane clipped electrical power lines before it crashed through a four-unit apartment block, eventually stopping on an embankment. Nobody was in the building when it was engulfed in flames.

Haymaker described the area affected by the crash as "relatively small" and said the debris was somewhat contained by the embankment.

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