Iran's Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council:

Vienna II must Be Based on Syria Democratic Election, Fight against Terrorism

Vienna II must Be Based on Syria Democratic Election, Fight against Terrorism
Wed Nov 11, 2015 19:29:21

Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani has said that to reach good results in Vienna II talks Fight against terrorism and Syrian people democratic election must be seriouly taken into consideration.

Ali Shamkhani in his interview with Alalam News Network talked about Iran and Saudi Arabia’s relationship and the existing horizons for solving the problems between two countries. He said if Saudis are willing to solve the problems, they have to cut their wickedness against Iran.

Shamkhani added that With regard to the fact that Saudi Arabia carries out evil actions inside Iran’s territory said that the team that has recently carried out Dezful shooting against religious gatherings and martyred two individuals received salary from Saudi security services.

Shamkhani reiterated that these days Saudi Rial (Saudi currency) is playing a determining role; this country bombards defenseless people of Yemen.

Vienna II must be based on Democratic election and fight against terrorism

Shamkhani emphasized on two points that must be taken into consideration in Vienna II talks: 1. Fight against terrorism must be serious. 2. Syrian people must provide their own election platform themselves.

Under the condition that these two points are taken into consideration this type of talks can end to good results. He said that whatever the position of Syrian people would be in the election, Islamic Republic of Iran will support Syrian people’s position.

Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council added that Islamic republic of Iran believes that Syrian people must be allowed to choose by themselves and this must be done without any limitation at the appointed time and in the framework of an accepted constitutional law in order to choose whatever they desire.

Moscow and Iran do not have disagreement about the fate of President Bashar al-Asad

Shamkhani reiterated that in this regard Moscow does not have any ideological contrast with Iran. Of course what has not changed yet is the Westerners’ Ideas. Western countries did not accept the companionship of President Bashar al-Asad in the process of Power transfer but today they have accepted that there is no other solution except this and in my opinion they have to retreat one step more. This means Syrian people must choose neither the American instruction nor the American dollar nor the Saudi Rial.

"He said that in Syria there is no manpower shortage and the Syrians can defend their territory by themselves and they have no problem in this issue. Islamic Republic has not sent ground force there and does not send ground force because there is no need to do this."

Less than 50 Iranian advisor have been martyred in Syria

Shamkhani said that the cause for martyrdom of some Iranian forces- whose number is less than 50- is the intensification of clashes in Syria. It is natural that with regard to the expansion of clashes more Iranian advisors are present there in comparison with the past.

We have no problem with Arabs to hold Arab-Irani talks

He mentioned that we are not in crisis with Arab countries. We have good relationships with Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and we have good relationship with other Arab countries in the African region.

S 300 delivery is passing its technical process

Shamkhani said that S300 missiles defence is an old issue and it is passing its technical process and at the end of technical process the issue of S 300 delivery to Iran  will be solved.

Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council added that the issue of Mina disaster is a humanitarian issue and the Saudis must cooperate in forming a fact-finding committee in order to determine the cause of the disaster.


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