Qom’s Recreational Tourist Village Inaugurated

Qom’s Recreational Tourist Village Inaugurated
Tue Oct 6, 2015 15:31:57

The most fantastic recreational tourist complex of Qom province, central Iran was inaugurated on Thursday during a ceremony attended by the speaker of Iran’s Parliament, Ali Larijani.


The complex, called ‘Saba Health Recreational Tourist Village’, is located at a distance of 65 kilometers from Qom to the proximity of Dastjerd city, the center of Khalajestan (Xalacestan) region.

Feasibility studies and thorough plan of Saba Health tourist village began in 1379 for the first time in Iran and its executive operation started off in 1382. The project of Saba healthy village and construction of artificial lake was executed for the first time in Iran.


All residential, sanitary, therapeutic, food, clothing, entertaining and amusing, and sporting facilities and services have been predicted in thorough plan and development of Saba healthy plan so that travelers can stay in this village more than a week to a month with no need to go out the village to supply their needs.


Execution of mentioned project has been predicated in 3 phases:

First phase: including recreational and residential facilities and services like restaurant, coffee shop, hall, traditional coffee shop, artificial lake, boating pier, fishery, play ground, handicrafts mall, shopping center, hotel, residential villas, …

Second phase: healthy clinic

Third phase: sports complex including multipurpose saloons, skating track, cycling, riding, shooting clubs.


According to village rules, vehicle traffic and smoking is forbidden in the complex.

Since most of people in developing countries encounter from 30-40 years of age diseases like blood sugar, blood pressure, lipid, overweight, brittle bone disease, blood disease, arterial disease, … our doctors in this complex suggest balanced diet, suitable sleep patterns, suitable sport patterns, … for families who stay over than 48 hours in this village.


Dastjerd is the only country city of Qom province; It has got a mountainous weather a cool and pleasant climate, an abundant supply of fresh air and oxygen, far from environmental pollution caused by large industrial cities and lots of springs and unique subterranean canal of mineral water. Its temperature differs about 8 to 12 from Qom’s.

The proximity of khalajestan to the Salafchegan industrial crossroads and the special region of Salafchegan is another prominent characteristic of Khalajestan County that has got a particular strategic location. The other advantage is its proximity to Qom sacred city, the second city in Iran. Where some crowded sacred holy mausoleums as Hazrati Masume’s shrine and Jamkaran mosque is located and lots of pilgrims travel to visit them.


During the week Qom is the host of hundreds of (especially on Wednesdays night from all over the country and Islamic countries) thousand pilgrims who travel to this city to visit Hazrati Masume’s holy shrine and Jamkaran mosque. Although it’s pilgrims is not less than Mashhad, the shortage of entertaining facilities, hot weather and unsuitable drinking water make pilgrims not to stay more than 3 or 4 hours a day.

Making of recreational and entertaining centers in country regions and in places where have pleasant weather in Qom province using natural attractions and nice weather, pilgrims staying increases more than 24 hours in this city and this phenomenon leads to job creation and a great various and considerable amount of change in tourism and economic of Qom province; realiran.org reported.