3 Brave Yazidi Girls Killed 10 ISIS Terrorist Fighters in Iraq

3 Brave Yazidi Girls Killed 10 ISIS Terrorist Fighters in Iraq
Fri Sep 25, 2015 15:26:27

Three women have told how they formed an armed all-female fighting unit and killed up to 10 ISIS terrorists a day to stop the Yazidi genocide on embattled Mount Sinjar.

The women took the extraordinary decision to leave behind their lives in Turkey and travel to Kurdistan, northern Iraq, to end the bloodshed of Yazidis being slaughtered there.


"When we heard ISIS were coming to Sinjar and killing women, we came to stop the humanitarian crisis," Roza, 22, the youngest of the group said.

"When ISIS came, we saw them take Yazidi females and enslave them," one of the three girls said.


They went into villages armed with guns and took men, women and children from their homes. Terrified, they were forced to stand in two separate lines, men on one side and women and children on the other; DailyMail reported.

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