31 Yemenis Killed in Saudi Arabia’s Continuing Airstrikes

31 Yemenis Killed in Saudi Arabia’s Continuing Airstrikes
Sat Aug 29, 2015 17:35:00

At least 31 Yemenis have died and 25 others sustained injuries in Saudi Arabia’s latest acts of military aggression against the impoverished nation, Press TV reports.


The warplanes pummeled southwestern Yemen on Friday, killing eight civilians and injuring four others in Al Bayda Province.

Airstrikes against the city of Ibb took the lives of nine people, mostly women and children, and wounded 18 more, while two civilians died after the fighters targeted the Taiz Province.

Pounding northwestern Yemen, Saudi aerial attacks claimed the lives of three grocery store workers in the city of Dhahyan, killed five and injured two others in the Razeh district, and wounded a child elsewhere in the Sa’ada Province.

The bombardment of the Al Hawak district in the Al Hudaydah Province, located in the west, also claimed the lives of three people.

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