Senior Cleric Hails Rouhani Cabinet's Performance

Senior Cleric Hails Rouhani Cabinet's Performance
Fri Aug 28, 2015 17:55:16

Interim Friday Prayer Leader Kazem Seddiqi appreciated the incumbent government's endeavors in the past two years, saying that it has taken proper measures in various fields, IRNA reports.

Addressing worshippers in the second sermon, he referred to the Government Week, saying that the occasion is an opportunity for commemorating the two eminent martyrs, President Mohammad-Ali Rajaei and Prime Minister Mohammad-Javad Bahonar, who served people sincerely and led a simple life despite their high positions.

Also commending the performance of the government of President Hassan Rouhani, Seddiqi said that it has not only taken positive steps to curb inflation and counter currency fluctuations, but the public health and hygiene scheme are among its other outstanding works.

He noted that the government has also managed to get the nuclear deal to a conclusion.

Today, the US and western states are spreading violence across the world and trying to distort the image of Islam, he said, noting that Iran is seeking to counter ISIL but the US and West are supporting the terrorist group.

Commenting on regional developments, the prayers leader said that the issue of Yemen should be among concerns of the 'dead' United Nations Security Council and 'useless' United Nations.

But, unfortunately, they are just lookers on when a nation has come under fire by an aggressive government, he added.

Free people are behind bars in Bahrain for just demanding to have a share in government, Seddiqi said.

The Americans, Britains and the Zionists want Iraq, Syria and Yemen to split, he said, noting that they are after weakening Muslim nations.