Yemeni Army Kills Several Saudi Soldiers in Jizan

Wed Aug 26, 2015 16:44:22

As part of their retaliatory attacks over the ongoing Saudi aggression against its impoverished southern neighbor, Yemen's army and allied popular committees have killed several more Saudi soldiers, reports say.

Yemen's al-Masirah TV network reported on Tuesday that the Saudi forces were killed as Yemeni forces fired rockets at a Saudi military site in the kingdom's southern region of Jizan.

This as earlier in the day, official sources in Riyadh confirmed that three Saudi soldiers had been killed in 24 hours of retaliatory attacks by Yemen’s Ansarullah fighters and army troops in Jizan.

A Saudi Interior Ministry statement said Tuesday that the soldiers were killed over the previous 24 hours as their border post came under retaliatory shelling and rocket fire.

One soldier was killed on Monday and the other two died of injuries on Tuesday, the statement carried by the official SPA agency said.

The official confirmation comes shortly after Ansarullah fighters and allies announced the takeover of a Saudi military base and the death of several Saudi soldiers in the same territory.

Al-Masirah TV aired footage of further progress by allied forces into the southern Saudi territory, saying attacks continue on Jilah military camp in Jizan.

The report said Saudi spy planes and helicopters, which were flying over the area, were unable to hamper Yemeni attacks on Saudi positions.

Also on Tuesday, Yemeni forces managed to capture three UAE armored vehicles in an operation south of the country. Masirah said three other armored vehicles were destroyed in the offensive in Makiras district located between Yemen’s al Bayda’ and Abyan governorates.

The allied forces have intensified strikes on Jizan over the past days in a bid to retaliate against Riyadh’s airstrikes on civilians and residential areas across Yemen. On Sunday, Yemenis successfully targeted a gathering of high-ranking Saudi forces in the same area, killing Major General Abdulrahman al-Shahrani, who served as the commander of the Saudi army’s 18th Brigade.

Shahrani was the most notable Saudi officer killed since the kingdom launched its all-out military aggression against Yemen on March 26. Thousands of Yemenis, most of them civilians, have been killed in the Saudi attacks while more than a million have become homeless.

Ansarullah fighters and allies have managed to kill several Saudi soldiers over the past months with most of them coming through retaliatory cross-border rocket and missile fire.

On Monday, Riyadh confirmed in a similar statement that attacks from Yemen killed a Saudi soldier, identified as Thamer Nair Al'aqrat Al-Enzi, while three others were reported seriously injured.

In a separate incident on Tuesday, another Saudi soldier died when his patrol vehicle crashed along the southern border.

Saudi Arabia’s ongoing air campaign against Yemen, which lacks a UN mandate, is seen as an attempt to undermine Ansarullah and restore power to fugitive former Yemeni President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi, who is currently in Riyadh.

In the latest deadly Saudi air strikes in Yemen, at least six people were killed on Tuesday in an attack on a residential building in Razih district of the Yemeni northwestern province of Sa’ada.

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