President Rouhani: Nuclear Victory Prelude to Great Achievements

President Rouhani: Nuclear Victory Prelude to Great Achievements
Wed Aug 19, 2015 16:44:41

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said the nuclear victory is the prelude to all kinds of great achievements for the country in future, IRNA reports.

Addressing a meeting of the Iranian cabinet ministers and governor generals here on Wednesday, he also said upon the guidelines provided by the Supreme Leader the next parliament will not be dominated by a certain party or political affiliation.

Stressing the necessity of a proper social and political environment for the speedy advancement of the country, he said no lawful parties, factions or groups should ever feel disappointed by the situations.

Saying that “This is the Islamic Republic of Iran where the Constitution is ruling”, he added there is no place to be found in the country where sincere people, of any political affiliation, who wish to serve the country will be refused to do so.

He said the government sees all as one and equal and all lawful political groups are respected.

Turning to the nuclear deal recently made between Iran and the 5+1, the President said it is just a prelude to other kinds of successive victories.

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