Mosul’s Fall, plotted in Turkey then send to Erbil: Maliki

Tue Aug 18, 2015 17:19:17

Nouri al-Maliki former Iraqi vice president in an exclusive interview with Al-Alam News Network in Tehran says Mosul’s fall was a Kurdish and regional plot which inside and international parties participated on that.

He said the main factor of ISIS control on the Mosul was that military and security commander’s scape from battle ground and remained Iraqi Army hadn’t sufficient weapons for battle against ISIS.

Former Iraqi vice president rejects results of parliament Mosul’s Fact Finding Committee which investigate on reasons of Mosul’s falls on the hnd of ISIS and said this committee infected to political disagreement and results of fact finding committee, is not correct.

He insisted that what happened in Mosul was a plot which planed in Turkey and after it plans transferred to Erbil.

Maliki also stressed that ousting vice presidents is not at the control of prime minister and his decrees is not legal and lawful.

Full interview of Nouri al-Maliki with Al-Alam News Network will be Published in this page as soon as possible when broadcasted from Al-Alam TV channel.