Protecting Nuclear Rights of Iran, a Big Victory: Rouhani

Protecting Nuclear Rights of Iran, a Big Victory: Rouhani
Sat Jun 13, 2015 18:28:24

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says the achievements of his administration in safeguarding the nuclear rights of the Islamic Republic are a big victory for the Iranian nation.

The Iranian president made the remark in a press conference in the Iranian capital, Tehran, with the members of Iranian and foreign media, PRESS TV reports.

In his introductory remarks, President Rouhani said people’s epic participation in the presidential election in 2013 showed that they sought a bright economic and political future.

The administration, he said, has done its best to make good on all of its campaign pledges, including the betterment of economic and political conditions and the enhancement of relations with the world.

He said that, in addition to the nuclear rights of the Iranian nation, their right to have access to the world market is also one that has to be safeguarded.

In line with this objective, the Iranian administration launched negotiations with world powers, he added.
President Rouhani expressed gratitude for Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei for supporting the Iranian negotiators.

The Iranian president said that, today, no world country doubts Iran’s right to the enrichment of uranium.He said this is the biggest achievement in the safeguarding of the nuclear rights of the country.

“What we have gained so far is a big victory for the Iranian nation,” he said.

He said the sanctions imposed against Iran are both cruel and inhumane as the sanctions even targeted foodstuffs, medicine and medical equipment, among other basic things.

“No one should doubt that sanctions have been cruel,” he said.

The scale of the sanctions was vast, he said, but the administration has managed the effects of the sanctions through its policies over the past two years.

“The administration has well managed and will manage the sanctions,” he said.

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