Yemen Post: Saudi Fighter Crashed Near Sana’a

Yemen Post: Saudi Fighter Crashed Near Sana’a
Sun May 24, 2015 15:26:10

A Yemeni newspaper announced the fall of a Saudi Arabia fighter near Sana’a, Al-Alam TV reports.

According to Al-Alam News Network, the website of “Yemen Post” announced that Saudi F-16 fighter pilot is still missing. Ansarallah forces have found the overthrow of the plane.

A senior Yemeni military source, preferring anonymity, said that the Yemeni troops brought down the Saudi F-16 jet in the district of Bani Harith, Northern Sana'a, while it was pounding residential areas as well an air base in Dailami.

The newspaper published photographs of Saudi fighter that is burning. On a piece of the plane has been written "Royal Saudi Air Force."

Saudi Arabia aggressive attacks against Yemeni people began on March 26 and still continues. In these attacks, residential and urban infrastructures have been among the main targets of Saudi Arabia.

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