Hezbollah & Syrian Army keep on Advancing in Border Mount / EXC Video

Fri May 15, 2015 16:58:23

Hezbollah resistance fighters and Syrian Army soldiers keeping their advances and victories in border region take control of Ras al-Marah and Nusra Front terrorist fled the strategic barren of Ras al-Marah.

Syrian Army targeted 2 military vehicles of terrorist and some member of them killed in the attack.

Also Hezbollah, Syrian Army Advance, Continue Deploying Troops in Qalamoun Barrens. Hezbollah and the Syrian army continued on Thursday deploying their troops in Qalamoun barrens, overlooking all the terrorist positions in the area.


EXCLUSIVE VIDEO OF “Hezbollah and Syrian Army keep on Advancing in Border Mount” /Narration in Arabic

The Resistance fighters and the Syrian army advanced on al-Barooh mountain range and regained Dahr al-Hawa Height which lies eastern the Lebanese town of Younin and overlooks directly Arsal barrens.

Moreover Units of the Syrian Army and the armed forces carried out more military operations against the foreign-backed Takfiri organizations in Homs, Idleb, Aleppo, and other provinces, destroying their hideouts and killing scores of their members.

This footage shows The Yellow Flag of Hezbollah fluttering over Moses Hill in al-Qalamoun city in southern Syria on the border with Lebanon, Al-Manar reports.


Hezbollah story on “Battle of Qalamoun”

A scene which reminds of the victories achieved by the Islamic Resistance, who’s Yellow Flag fluttered over the hills in south Lebanon during the Zionist occupation before 2000.

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