750 Killed in 2.000 Saudi-Led Attacks in Yemen: Saudi +UN Says

Mon Apr 20, 2015 10:07:53

According to The Saudi spokesmen Ahmed Assiri, Saudi—led coalition has launched more than 2,000 air strikes on Yemen since its campaign began 3 weeks ago and The United Nations said 150,000 people had been driven from their homes by air strikes with more than 750 civilian killed.

But Yesterday according to Arabic source which quoting from Yemen Army head of staff, Saudi-led coalition warplanes conducted 25 air strikes on the Yemeni capital of Sana'a in 2 hours, as the civilian death toll surpassed 2650.

Yesterday Clashes between Ansarallah revolutionary forces and pro-hadi forces and Saudi-led air strikes killed at least 85 people in Yemen, medics and military sources said Sunday.

The United Nations says hundreds of people have died and thousands of families fled their homes since the coalition air war began on March 26 at the request of ousted former President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi who fled Saudi, The Nation reports.

Ten Houthi revolutionary and four pro-Hadi ‘popular committees’ militia were killed in pre-dawn clashes in the southwestern city of Taez, the sources said.

The city has seen fierce clashes over the past week, after having been largely spared in fighting that has spread across several provinces.

On Sunday, Saudi-led warplanes pounded some positions in Taez, an AFP correspondent said, adding that the streets were empty and shops were closed.

Air strikes on Yemen in the southern city of Daleh as well as clashes on Sunday killed 23 people.

Seven revolutionary forces were martyred in an attack by al-qeda in the southern province of Shabwa.

It is reported that the pro-Hadi fighters captured the Russian consulate and a Hadi residence.

The Ansarallah revolutionary, who seized Sanaa unopposed in September, have since expanded their control across the impoverished Arabian Peninsula country and their aim is fighting with al-Qaeda and illegal forces of ousted former president who fled in Saudi Arabia and is accused of betrayal to country.

Abd rabu Mansour hadi after fleeing country ask Saudi to attack Yemen to get back power.Millions affected by saudi led attacks.

Although according to UN figures more than 700 civilian in Saudi air strike killed and many take refuge the state Saudi Press Agency said “kingdom stands with its Yemeni brothers and hopes for the restoration of security and stability”.

UN Humanitarian Coordinator Johannes Van Der Klaauw said Friday that ‘ordinary families are struggling to access healthcare, water, food and fuel - basic requirements for their survival’.

Aid has only trickled in to Yemen, largely because of Saudi-led coalition restrictions on its airspace and ports.

The UN agency for refugees says that up to 150,000 people have been displaced over the past three weeks, while more than 300,000 had already fled their homes because of unrest in past years.

The Saudi has launched more than 2,000 air strikes on Yemen since its campaign began, saudi army spokesman Ahmad Assiri said.

The Huthi revolutionary swept into the capital in September from their highland stronghold and later advanced south on the major port of Aden.

The Iranian plan calls for an immediate ceasefire and end of all foreign military attacks, humanitarian assistance, a resumption of broad national dialogue and ‘establishment of an inclusive national unity government.

AQPA al Qaeda’s most lethal branch is take chance from Saudi airstrike and captured some region in Yemen.

The United Nations said about 150,000 people had been driven from their homes by air strikes and ground fighting, with more than 750 people killed.

Conflict in Yemen risks spilling out onto busy sea lanes that pass it and potentially disrupt the narrow Bab el-Mandeb passage through which nearly 4 million barrels of oil are shipped daily to Europe, the United States and Asia.

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