Iran summons Saudi charge d'affaires / Boycott Omrah Bill in Majlis

Iran summons Saudi charge d'affaires / Boycott Omrah Bill in Majlis
Thu Apr 9, 2015 21:05:47

Foreign Ministry summoned Saudi Arabia charge d'affaires late on Wednesday to protest against baseless allegation made by the Saudi military spokesman.

According to Foreign Ministry Media Diplomacy Department, following the unfounded statement by Ahmed Al Asiri that Iran is involved in training Ansarullah forces to deal a blow to Yemeni nation and destroy the country's vital infrastructures, the foreign ministry summoned the Saudi charge d'affaires to lodge Iran's protest against the allegation.

Head of Persian Gulf First Department of the Foreign Ministry described al-Asiri's statement as untrue, saying that Iran considers Yemen developments as internal issues, condemning use of force by the Saudi government.

He said that the Islamic Republic of Iran believes in diplomatic settlement of the humanitarian plight underway in Yemen.

He said that the Saudi air raids deteriorated the humanitarian crisis in Yemen killing several hundred innocent civilians, IRNA reports.

But in other issue, Iran demanded the Saudi government to bring to justice the policemen for the disgrace committed against Iranian pilgrims, Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said on Thursday.

Talking to reporters on the sidelines of the Nowruz meetings with Qom officials, he added that despite the measurers taken in this respect, relevant institutes should follow up the case more seriously.

Iran lodged complaint with the Saudi government against the policemen involved in sexual harassment of two Iranian young boys at Jeddah airport.

Iranian Consulate-General in Jeddah said that the Saudi government forwarded the complaint to the Court of Justice.

Meanwhile, Iranian Parliament is examining a bill to boycott Omrah (minor) Hajj pilgrimage in protest at the disgrace and improper conduct of the Saudi police.

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