Who Set Jordanian Pilot Muath al- Kasasbeh on FIre?

Mon Apr 6, 2015 17:43:13

"Abu Sayyaf" one of leaders of joradan salafist movement says the leaders of the Iraqi Baath Party caused killing the Jordanian pilot , Muath al- Kasasbeh by ISIS because it is the decision maker of ISIS.

"Abu Sayyaf" who his real name is Mohammed Al-Shalabi, said that Remnent of Baath Party is More Dangerous than ISIS and the Iraqi Baath Party members are decision makers of ISIS and more dangerous than “ISIS" on Muslims.

According to Ray al-youm Website Abu Sayyaf said Izzat al-Duri Saddam's deputy said Salafist is loyal to "Israel" and this remaek are in contrasts with his earlier speach, in which he was praising the commends of the Salafist movement.

He added that al-Duri’s response was a reaction to satisfy his masters after his party returned to work, noting that the leaders of the Iraqi Baath Party caused killing the Jordanian pilot , Muath al- Kasasbeh by ISIS because it is the decision maker of ISIS, according to Khaberni Web site.

This came in response to the leader's remarks in the former Iraqi regime , Izzat al-Duri who was accused (Abu Sayyaf) of being loyal to "Israel", adding that he is paid after the latter accused the leaders of the Baath Party of killing the pilot Kasasbeh.

Duri thanked in recording broadcast affiliated to Baath Party site of Jordan to the position of the Baath Party and Naqshbandi men after inviting them to attend the conference, which was held in Amman condemning the burning of the pilot Kasasbeh.

Al-Kasasbeh's F-16 fighter aircraft crashed near Raqqa, Syria, on 24 December 2014 during the military intervention against the ISIS of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). United States and Jordanian officials said that the crash was caused by mechanical problems, while ISIL claimed that the plane was hit by a heat-seeking missile.

ISIL held al-Kasasbeh captive before killing him in early January 2015. It then conducted negotiations with the Jordanian government, claiming it would spare al-Kasabeh's life and free Japanese journalist Kenji Goto in exchange for Sajida al-Rishawi, a woman sentenced to death by Jordan for attempted terrorism and possessing explosives.

After the Jordanian government insisted on freeing al-Kasasbeh as part of the deal and showing proof that he was alive before it would exchange al-Rishawi, the ISIS released a video on 3 February 2015 showing al-Kasasbeh being burned to death while trapped inside a cage.

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