174 Killed in Saudi Led Aggression to Yemen

Sun Mar 29, 2015 13:13:07

According to health ministry of Yemen 174 people killed untill fourth day of Saudi aggression in the country, Al-Alam correspondent report.

30 Yemeni citizen killed in Hadida region today,Al-Alam correspondent report added.

Today is 4th day of Saudi continues air bombardment in Yemen.

Flames and smoke billow from the site of an explosion that hit Yemen's second city of Aden on March 28, 2015. A series of explosions rocked Yemen's second city, killing at least nine people.

Aso today air strikes hit the headquarters of republican guard in Yemen's capital, killing 15 people, a military official said Sunday.

The overnight raid struck the Al-Subaha base in western Sanaa, the official said.

A medic at a military hospital in the capital said it had received 12 bodies and 18 wounded soldiers after the raid, AFP reports.

Explosions rocked Aden's on Saturday sending flames and smoke into the sky above the southern Yemeni city, witnesses said.

A Reuter’s correspondent saw fire and explosions at the Jabal Hadeed which is close to residential and commercial properties.

Yet there was no immediate word of casualties.

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