Why Canada Spy Pass 3 Missing British School Girls to Syria

Sat Mar 14, 2015 15:41:01

Daily Sabah an a COLUMNS section write “Canada has much to explain about ISIS links”.

A Syrian citizen who is allegedly a Canadian spy has actively helped three teenage British girls pass into Syria to join the terrorist forces of the “Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham” (ISIS/ISIL).

The Syrian has been caught in Turkey and has confessed to actually taking the girls across the border and handing them over to ISIS. He also admitted that he is on the payroll of Canadian intelligence, Daily Sabah reports.

Turkey had been accused of turning a blind eye to Western citizens cross into Syria to join the terrorists and has accused of cooperating with ISIS. Yet a NATO ally knee deep in ISIS.

The fact that such a Canadian spy exists and has close relations with ISIS so much so that he can take teenage British girls to ISIS is something that has to be studied very carefully.

Was Canada using this man to learn more about ISIS and how it works and about the foreign nationals that have been recruited by the terrorist organization?

He may we monitoring the actions of other Canadian citizens that have been recruited by ISIS. Is all this an act by Canada to strengthen its own security regarding ISIS? Or is Canada in contact with ISIS through this man? Then, of course, we can draw the conclusion that Canada may be one of the secret hands behind ISIS.

What has this man done until now for Canada and for ISIS? Has he been involved in the shocking executions ISIS has carried out? Has he been involved in any kind of ISIS activity? How is he receiving his orders?

Remember Turkish intelligence established dialogue with ISIS, in order to rescue its citizens held hostage by the militant group, now God knows how Canadians can justified connection with ISIS.

There are all kinds of speculations on who is behind this ISIS menace.Israel also feels very happy with the activities of ISIS as it pacifies Sunni Arabs in Syria and Iraq. Let us hope Canada does not come up as one of the active supporters of ISIS.

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